“I’ve tried too hard in my life to stop now.” – J-Late

J-Late(sometimes seen as JLate) grew up in Southern California. He didn’t have the best of childhoods but who really did? Growing up with a mother struggling with alcoholism and prescription medications, left everyday of his life unpredictable. He would stay up long into the night until his mothers enraged drunken cries and screams faded into a positive light. Long into the night he kept his headphones on to try and escape from his nightmares. Late nights to late mornings, he could never get up for school. Mom would yell and throw water on him almost every morning. Telling him to wake up, you’re going to be late but he could barely get out of bed. He has dealt with so much drama throughout his life from fake friends to women. Dealt with an alcoholic mom that didn’t seem to give a crap about him. Only to grow up to be stuck taking care of her while working at a dead end job that doesn’t pay much. If you have never seen a man more twisted and tortured than J-Late, take a listen to his music. It’s hard for him to care about much of anything and he will probably never give a damn about you. All he has is rap music, a pen and a pad to express himself. Without that, he wouldn’t be here today. A smile from him, is like seeing the man in the moon, wink.